Transcription Real Khilafa



A Message to Muslim Youth

Real Khilafa – A Political Reality From Dr. K M Farukh.

For Private Circulation

We are each and every weekend having stalls where we give out literature about Islam. We have these stalls in may [sic] areas

especially in areas where there are a lot of kafirs (Sikh Hindu Jews AND OTHER NONBELIEVERS) We would like to extend our

activities further.We are in many ways surprised that so many Moslems have come to buy our books and provide funds for relieving the distressed Moslems of the world especially in places such as Kossovo and Kashmir. The government and local authority is not interested in our cause as they would rather fund Gurdawaras and Gays and Homos.

We have many interesting books about Islam showing why Islam is the only human way of life and other so called religions are

animalistic. The teaching of the great Prophet Mohammed must be passed on until the whole world is Islam. The world will only thus be

saved.We call upon our fellow youth to come and join us in our mission -universal and global Islam.The job is big but nothing is impossible.If the Kafir non believer does not accept by gentle persuasion or reasoning then other methods which are allowed for in the holy Quran must be used such as – going to war with the kafir or converting them by manipulation. We need to send out our boys to bring the Sikh girls into the umma or community of Islam.

This task is getting easier by the day as the Sikh and hindu [?] girls are not taught (as is done in Islam) much about their religion at all.

They have a westernized upbringing and the school college and university campus is the ideal place for our youth to carry out their

duties easily in this way. It is easy to take the Sikh girls out on a date as they generally like a good drink and from these gradually they can be brought into Islam. This is not a hard job at all as the Kafir women they like Moslems. Hardly surprising as we are attractive and intelligent compared with Kafirs. This is common sense and everybody knows. Otherwise why would Indian films have so many Moslem actors. There is not a single Hindu or Sikh actor in Pakistani films. We need more funds desperately to carry on our job and we need volunteers from amongst the youth specially. Come and join us this weekend and every weekend – we will be in an area near you.

We need your help at this crucial time when our moslem brothers and sisters are being killed in countries all over the world.





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