Never Shall Be Slaves – please circulate

The rape gang cases that have been uncovered so far most likely represents the tip of the tip of the iceberg. The overall numbers of both victims and perpetrators is almost certainly orders of magnitude higher than so far reported.

The true level of this strand of crime needs to be revealed. And to do that, Councils need to be forced to listen better. And, where they’re concerned, nothing talks louder than money!

I would love to be able to sue the Council officers for damages out of their own pockets for their neglect and acquiescence. But this is not possible yet. Maybe one day, when the PC fog has cleared further.

Until then, we do what we can.

The aim is to force Councils and Police Authorities to pay. This will lead negligent Council Officers and Police chiefs to get demoted and sidelined, and investigation of these crimes to be taken seriously. And force them to move from turning a blind eye, to actively investigating for such crimes.

This in turn should lead them to detect more of them, which will put further pressure on them to pursue such cases harder, and so on.


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